ZOOMLION Tried Hard to Guarantee the China International Import Expo, Bringing the Glamorous Shanghai to the World

 The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) was kicked off ceremoniously in Shanghai, and “Jinbao”, a naïve panda holding four-leaf clover, embraced tourists all over the world with smile. China was willing to share tremendous business opportunities on the Chinese market with the world. CIIE, at which more than 3,000 enterprises from over 130 countries and regions appeared with their unique high-quality products and services, attracted worldwide attention.

 To bring a clean, tidy and glamorous Shanghai to the world, the cleaning vehicles of ZOOMLION run through streets and alleys in Shanghai to collect garbage, thus making the pavement clean and tidy and guaranteeing the cleanliness of this city. The inventory of ZOOMLION cleaning devices in Shanghai exceeds 80%, and such devices are popular among clients owing to their stable performance and high cleanliness.

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