Designed for Plateau to Protect the Qinghai Highway through Millions of Sanitation Device

 Within the Huangyuan Highway section of Gonghe-Yushu Expressway, 15 ZOOMLION ZLJ5184TSL dry-type road sweepers in “highway orange” are lined up in two rows for the inspection of relevant leaders and experts of Qinghai Bureau of Highway. This batch of machine, with the total amount of nearly CNY ten million, will serve the Gonghe-Yushu Expressway in Qinghai.

 Gonghe-Yushu Expressway is designed to link Gonghe County of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Yushu County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, with a full length of 634.8km and an average altitude of 4,100m. Above 1/3 of the expressway is located in high-cold freeze soil areas.

 The ZLJ5184TSL dry-type road sweeper is a sanitation vehicle especially suitable to the water-deficient area and clean-keeping in winter in the north. Firstly, unique sweeping vacuum enclosure and spiral sliding-block regulating combined mechanism are adopted, so the flying dust generated during sweeping can be cleaned up even without spraying. In addition, the industrial difficulty that the garbage at the road edges cannot be swept by a pure-suction road sweeper is solved. Secondly, the conversion mechanism for operations on a sunny/rainy day through the air flue is initiated, to realize “dry on a sunny day and wet on a rainy day” all-weather sweeping.

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