Zoomlion CityFairy SHZ18C

Zoomlion CityFairy SHZ18C compact road sweeper is an articulated type full-hydraulic driven suction/sweeping road sweeper independently developed by Zoomlion Environmental Industry Company It incorporates the road sweeping, high pressure cleaning, and sewage recycling functions and features beautiful modeling, high mobility and flexibility, and powerful sweeping capacity. Featuring beautiful modeling, high mobility and flexibility, and powerful sweeping capacity, it’s especially suitable for the sweeping sanitation operations in the areas inaccessible by large road sweeper, including urban auxiliary lanes, narrow roads, non-motorized vehicle lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, scenery zones, parks, schools, scenic spots, and residential communities, as well as the supplemental sanitation operations for urban crowded roads and streets at daytime.


The German originally imported headlamp, front working lamp, and round warning lamp feature beautiful appearance, exquisite fabrication, and high working reliability.

2、Water spray dust-suppression system

The clean water in the clean water tank is conveyed by the electromagnetic diaphragm pump to the dust-suppression nozzles of left and right sweeping plates and the suction pipe of suction nozzle. The water flow to the dust-suppression nozzles of left and right sweeping plates can be adjusted manually by the flow valve. When the recycling water flow is sufficient, the water circuit to the suction pipe of suction nozzle can be closed to reduce the water consumption and prolong the working time.

3、Waste tank

The all-aluminum-alloy waste tank body features light weight and high strength. The waste tank integrates the sewage recycling system to purify the working sewage for recycling. The side panels are in large arc structure, featuring good structural stability and beautiful modeling. The tilting dumping mechanism features >45º dumping angle.

4、Sweeping mechanism

The synchronous lifting structure with two forward sweeping discs and forward suction nozzle is applied. With automatic anti-collision device, the sweeping discs can extend and retract leftward and rightward respectively. The suction nozzle can be rapidly disassembled and installed by single person, featuring convenient maintenances.


Small machine and extensive application: With overall width only at 1,210mm, this machine can easily access the narrow areas, including sidewalks and lanes, to complete the motorized sweeping operations in place of manual operations.

High mobility and flexibility: The articulated steering mechanism can easily realize the in-situ U-turn on roads in width of <6m. It can complete the 360º sweeping operations around single tree.

High sweeping capacity: Three sweeping modes, namely “Powerful”, “Standard”, and “Economic”, are provided to adapt to different road conditions. When the working speed is 5.5±0.5km/h, it can completely sweep the 400g/m² or more wastes by one operation cycle, which reaches the world’s leading level.

Rick basic functions: It incorporates the basic functions including road sweeping, auxiliary sewage suction, and high pressure water cleaning (Optional). Besides the sweeping function, the manual waste suction by auxiliary suction pipe is provided to remove the waste (such as leaves) from the road pits and roadside ditches. The integrated high pressure cleaning system can remove adhered wastes from the roads and complete the cleaning operations.

Multiple optional functions: The optional special working devices, including snow plough, snow sweeper, and ground scrubber, can be installed. The switchover of working device can be completed by single person within half hour, featuring high operation convenience.

Extended working time: The integrated sewage recycling system can realize the recycling of the waste tank sewage to reduce the consumption of onboard cleaning water and effectively prolong the sanitation operation time.

Good operating visibility: The cab with 270º panoramic windscreen features good operation visibility and convenient operations.

Good shock-absorbing performance of seat: The height and the air inflation volume of the German originally imported Grammer air-cushioned seat can be adjusted at any time based on the driver’s body height and weight to realize excellent shock-absorbing performance and solve the difficulty of poor seating comfort on small road sweeper with rigid suspensions.

High automation level: The control unit, color display screen, CAN bus control system, and one-button control mode are provided and the multiple functions, including self-diagnosis, pre-warning treatment, emergency protection, malfunction analysis, operation record, and parts inquiry, are incorporated.

Heating and air conditioning system: The standard heating and air conditioning system is installed to improve the machine body comfort to the maximum degree.

Multiple media functions: The standard equipment include wireless radio, MP3 player, and mobile charging functions and the optional equipment include more powerful multimedia device.

Clean water tank: The integrally formed PE clean water tank is integrated with the cab to realize more beautiful vehicle modeling, with its capacity at 180L.

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