Sewer dredging and cleaning vehicle

ZLJ5089GQXJXE5 sewer dredging and cleaning vehicle is applicable to unchoking and washing operation of urban sewer, rainwater well, sedimentation well and ditches as well as pipeline cleaning of oil refining, iron and steel industry, chemical industry, real estate management and environmental sanitation.

● 3-in-1: unchoking, sewage suction and sewage removal; customized high quality domestic product of the second class brand; reliable quality, quick after-market service and low operation cost; 

● Transfer case, vacuum pump and high pressure water pump are provided by global top suppliers featuring excellent and reliable performance, quick service and low operation cost; 

● Sewage tank, built with thicker boiler plates, is provided with an auto open-and-close rear cover, tilt discharging mechanism and high-level warning device for safety concern; 

● The vacuum hose composed of wire reinforced PVC hose and wire knitted hose turns horizontally and changes length vertically. It is telescopic with extensible length.  

● Water hose reel: hydraulic driving, stepless speed regulation, high pressure resistance, light weight, less frictional resistance and excellent resistance against scratch; 

● Original imported nozzle: triangle nozzles, spraying forward and backward at the same time, applicable to completely blocked pipeline; mushroom nozzles: nozzles are arranged in two ways to acquire powerful thrust, applicable to pipeline polluted by oil; bomb nozzle: 15° or 30° angle between nozzle and nozzle axis, applicable to common pipelines; 

● Operation device: forward and backward movement of nozzle and hose and speed regulation are controlled manually while other controls are electrically; rotation, luffing and extension/retraction of vacuum hose, open and close of rear cover of sewage tank and titling and recovery of sewage tank are either electrically controlled or remote controlled.  

● Reeled water gun at the back of the truck: the water hose can be pulled out manually and retracts automatically; hand-held water gun for cleaning the truck itself and the operation site; the hose is 20m long; 

● Transfer case: provided by global top supplier, taking power from chassis engine and delivering the power to vacuum pump and high pressure water pump, featuring high power taking from various points;


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