Sewage suction vehicles

The sewage suction vehicles is developed by Zoomlion for maintenance of municipal facilities, applicable to cleaning operation of rainwater well, sedimentation well and ditches and suction of sewage and sediment, transport and discharge for oil refining industry, iron and steel industry, chemical industry, real estate management and environmental sanitation industry.


Working principle:

• sewage suction: the sewage tank is vacuumized by vacuum pump driven by chassis engine; when the vacuum hose is inserted into the sludge, the sludge is sucked into the sewage tank ; the sewage is filtered and then flows to the sewer while the sludge is left in the sewage tank; the sludge is sent to specified location and discharge;

• sludge removal: the vacuum pump produces vacuum and high speed air flow in the vacuum hose; when the vacuum hose is inserted into hard sludge containing less water or when aim the vacuum hose at sand and garbage to bring the sand and garbage into the sewage tank via teh high speed air flow.


1Sewage tank

2Receiver of remote control

3Control cabinet

4Vacuum hose


• The truck is built on automobile chassis with cab and the main components are supplied by global suppliers featuring outstanding and reliable performance;

• Vacuum pump: limited vacuum degree≥91%, maximum swept volume 15100L/min, maximum working rpm 1150r/min; the sliding-vane rotary vacuum pump is made in Italy.

• Sewage tank: mode of 6mm thick boiler plates, cylindrical, auto open-and-close rear cover, tilt discharging mechanism and high-level warning device; total volume of 3.59m³, 4.05m³ and 9.65m³; 5180GXW vacuum hose composed of PVC wire reinforced hose with  rotary boom. It turns horizontally for 230° and changes length vertically between -15° and +53°; 1.3m telescopic hose; three pieces of 1.8m pipe for extension;  

• Cleaning system: clean the truck and operation site;

• Operation device: rotation, luffing and extension/retraction of 5180GXW vacuum hose boom, open and close, tilting and recovery of rear cover of sewage tank are either electrically controlled or remote controlled. 

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