Guardrail cleaning vehicles

It is a multi-purpose guardrail cleaning equipment designed and developed by Zoomlion based on features of guardrails in cities. There are efficient cleaning and sanitation cleaning modes with various functions including road washing and portable gun washing. With efficient and good cleaning, the machine is applicable to cleaning of road guardrail, high pressure road cleaning and targeted cleaning. Featuring good mobility, low fuel consumption, less noise, good operation and complete functions, the machine has been advanced in the industry in China and is an ideal product for city road guardrail cleaning.


1、Sweeping brush on the chassis

Optional: Sweeping brush on the chassis

2、Easy and agile operation

All control buttons are located in the cab that all electric control operation can be done in the cab equipped with A/C.

3、High pressure flushing

High pressure flushing of sculptures, traffic signs, street nameplate and advertising board in cities;

4、High pressure road cleaning

5、High pressure/low pressure guardrail cleaning


• Multi-purpose guardrail cleaning equipment with efficient cleaning and sanitation cleaning modes. The high pressure targeted flushing is applicable to cleaning of sculptures, traffic signs, street nameplate and advertising board in cities.

• Dual-engine driving system with independent driving of auxiliary engine for reliable performance. Cleaning speed can be controlled within 2-10km/h; high operation efficiency and excellent adaptability;

• The guide mechanism makes the operation easier and avoids the driver from looking back for the working condition of rolling brush, reducing labor intensity, safe and reliable;

• Auto collision avoidance cleaning mechanism washes the double amber lines under the guardrail and the road with high pressure;

• Large water tank with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment inside, low level warning system to protect the pump from being damaged when the level is low;

• High pressure water pump, nozzle and main hydraulic and electrical elements are supplied by global suppliers featuring reliable performance;

• The chassis is supplied by well know domestic company featuring reliable quality and quick after-market service.

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