Monitoring Platform Project Phase I for On-line Monitoring on Pollution Sources of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area

Contents: a comprehensive environmental management platform will be established, integrating “operation management for monitoring, enterprise business, data center, core business, emergency response, early warning for discharge, leadership and decision-making” with “uniform standards, customized as needed and continuous construction” as the construction concept and with “platform construction through application” as tools, relying on geographic information, work flow, data warehouse and models technically.


Achievements: The data acquisition methods are completed through construction of the platform. An intelligent monitoring system for environmental protection is established to establish the data center for environment in the development zone and the geographical information system for environment. The decision-making commanding system of the emergency commanding center is established in the entire area, and the mobile supervision and law enforcement system in the development zone is established and perfected. The gateway for information sharing and service facing different masses is built to realize mobile emergency management.

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