Fine Monitoring of Pollution Sources

The platform is available to realizing the sharing and exchange of online monitoring data about waste water and waste gas, for smart management. On the basis of original data, the system of "dedicated archive of each enterprise" is established, for uniform management of pollution sources in the area, and enriching phased data of the full life cycle of the enterprise. Furthermore, it is able to facilitate the operation of foundation works and automatically generate office reports and common combination query. As some enterprises might arbitrarily emit smoke, the system could monitor working conditions, to accurately judge whether the treatment facilities could normally operate, whether an enterprise has any occasion of arbitrary or leaking emission and judge the accuracy of acquired data about pollutant emission, to track specific questions and realize smart law enforcement.


Functional Characteristics

1. All-dimensional information board

Information which catches the most concern of users (including total pollution emission, emission indicators, instrument operation rate, networking rate, major emission users, alarm information, video images, etc.) is integrated on one page, to reduce user operation and facilitate users to quickly check pollutant emission information;

2. Multi-dimensional and smart pre-warning and analysis

The system can realize statistical analysis, clustering analysis, regression analysis, multi-dimensional space calculation and other algorithms can be realized by the system to automatically screen and pre-determine suspicious data through analyzing the rationality, logicality and correlation of historical data and real-time data, so that environment administration could master whether the pollution emission enterprises have counterfeited their data.

3. Combine different monitoring channels for comprehensive monitoring

The waste water, waste gas, working conditions, plant boundary and characteristic exponents of the pollution sources are monitored by multiple approaches, to provide data support for environment monitoring and supervision in the future and finally refine the management of pollution sources.

4. Enterprise image

By integrating enterprise and associated information, the system of "dedicated archive of each enterprise" is established, to explore massive non-structural, semi-structural and structural data and by means of a diversity of smart analysis algorithms, enterprise information is comprehensively commanded.

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