High pressure water tanker

Aiming at the world’s advanced level and closely in combination with the characteristics of the domestic market, Zoomlion took the China’s lead to develop the multifunctional road washing sweeperin 2007, which won multiple national patents, filled a new product blank for domestic environmental sanitation machinery, and lead the development of China’s road washing sweeperindustry. The multifunctional road washing sweeperis a high-efficiency environmental sanitation vehicle that integrates the road sweeper and high pressure water tanker. It incorporates the multiple functions including road sweeping, road cleaning, road cleaning/sweeping, curb and curbstone vertical face scrubbing, dust-suppression spray, and low pressure flushing. It’s especially suitable for the high-cleanliness sanitation operations for urban squares, road surfaces, and road curbs as well as the common sanitation operations, including sweeping, cleaning, and cleaning/sweeping, for urban squares, road surfaces, and road curbs.


1、Water monitor

With water output flow is 500L/min and the range at ≥38m, the water monitor is functioned for remote flushing and auxiliary firefighting operation and is 360° rotatable.

2、Rear sprinkling holder

With sprinkling flow at 770L/min and sprinkling width at 14m, the rear sprinkling holder is functioned to sprinkle the roads and squares.

3、Flushing nozzle

With flushing flow at 815L/min and flushing width at 24m, the flushing nozzles are functioned to flush the roads and squares.

4、Hand-held spray gun

The cleaning pressure is 10MPa and the cleaning flow is 80L/min for the hand-held spray gun. Notice the safety and prevent the personal injuries during use.

5、Angular spray nozzle (Optional)

With cleaning pressure (Single nozzle) at 10MPa and cleaning flow at 137L/min, the angular spray nozzles (Optional) are functioned to clean the curbs, guardrails, and road barriers. The cleaning angle and the ground clearance of spray nozzles are adjustable.

6、Water spray holder

With cleaning width at 2.5~3.5m and the swing angle at 30°in both leftward and rightward directions, it’s functioned to clean the old spots and viscous dirt from the road surfaces. The housing is made of stainless steel, featuring compact and beautiful structure.


Environmental-friendly design for road washing sweeper

Fan noise-reduction technology: The fan vanes are optimized and the low-noise fan is designed by simulation analysis. The special spectral characteristic for the aerodynamic noise of the fan is applied and the special fan muffler is installed to reduce the working noise of the vehicle by 1~2dB.

Power matching technology: The matching between engine speed and working condition is optimized to run the engine constantly within the economic fuel consumption zone and improve the fuel economy.


High working efficiency of road washing sweeper

Super-high-simulated suction nozzle technology: The internal airflow field and the structural design of the suction nozzles are optimized by simulation analysis to improve the suction/collection capability by 10%.

Unique jaw plate control structure: It ensure that the wastes of large volume can be thoroughly swept to improve the overall cleanliness.

Pipeline firmness technology: The hydraulic pipelines adopt the world’s advanced ferrule type high-precision drawn tubes with hard mechanical seals to remarkably reduce the malfunction rate of hydraulic system.


High intelligence

CAN bus intelligent control technology: The one-button control, the real-time display of vehicle working condition, working parameters, and malfunction information on display screen, and the video functions (such as monitoring function) are realized to understand the working situation at a glance and ease the driver’s operations and maintenances.

GPS real-time monitoring technology: The information sharing between working site and the management center can be realized by information connectivity with management platform to enable the management center to real-time master the working status of the vehicle. 

Sweeping mechanism adaptive technology: The sweeping technology can automatically adjust the ground clearance of the sweeping disc based on the wear status of sweeping brush and the road condition to further improve the working cleanliness and effectively prolong the life of sweeping brush by >15%. The sweeping mechanism can automatically steer away from the obstacles on the working road in three-dimensional manner and afterwards can automatically restore to normal working status, featuring high damage resistance and higher reliability.



It incorporates the multiple functions, including the sweeping, cleaning, and cleaning/sweeping of roads, scrubbing of road curbs and curbstone vertical faces, dust-suppression spray, and low pressure flushing.

The auxiliary engine is equipped with automotive clutch, which is disengaged at start and stop and is engaged after a time lag. The disengagement and engagement of clutch are automatically controlled, without need of manual operation.

The centrifugal fan features high efficiency, low noise, flat performance curve, and extensive high-efficiency zone.

The waste tank is made of single-layer stainless steel 304 and integrates a part of the clean water tank.

The combination high pressure cleaning spray rods include the left and right spray rods and the spray rod in the suction nozzle. During operations, the ground clearance of the spray rods is fixed regardless of the change of vehicle load to achieve and maintain the best cleaning performance. • The electronic control system automatically controls the outward swing and retraction of left and right spray rods. The spray rods in the suction nozzle are of rapid pull-out structure (National patent) to ease the adjustment, repair, and replacement of spray nozzles.

The double-purpose sweeping discs (National patent) for road sweeper are applied for left and right vertical face sweeping and for the flushing of curbstone vertical faces and incorporate the anti-collision avoidance function (National patent).

The high pressure plunger pump and the high pressure water pump adopt world’s renowned brand products, featuring high efficiency and reliability. The electric control parts adopt the home-made products manufactured by introduced technology or foreign invested or joint-ventured manufacturer.

The advanced electronic control system mode “Touchscreen + CAN bus control + PLC” is applied. At the start and stop of operation, the working devices, including the speed control of auxiliary engine, lifting/lowering of suction nozzles, and extending and retracting of sweeping discs and left and right spray rods, are one-touch controlled to ensure convenient operations and remarkably reduce the possibility of maloperations. In addition, the manual control mode is provided to realize the manual operations.

The system is provided with multiple operation modes, including full sweeping, left sweeping, right sweeping, full cleaning/sweeping, left cleaning/sweeping, right cleaning/sweeping, full cleaning, left cleaning, right cleaning, and manual control. The user can select an appropriate working mode depending on the working need. After the working mode is selected and the working is started by one-touch control, all mechanisms involved in the working will extend automatically and start running orderly. When it's necessary to stop the working and the working is stopped by one-touch control, all working mechanisms will stop running and retract to original status orderly. The “high-power cleaning” and “standard cleaning” modes are provided for the auxiliary engine speed. Under manual control mode, the user can control manually depending on the road condition.

The automatic protection devices against water shortage of clean water tank, full water of waste tank, tilting dumping before opening of waste tank back gate, broken teeth of pneumatic toothed clutch due to disengagement/engagement during running of auxiliary engine, retraction of tilted waste tank before lowering of protection strut, and full leakage of hydraulic oil are provided to protect the road washing sweeperagainst damage under specific working condition or in event of misoperation, such as water shortage and full water.

The voice warning system and the color reversing camera system are equipped.

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