Vacuum sweeper

This series product is an environmental-friendly Dry-type road sweeper  newly launched by Zoomlion Environmental Industry Company in response to the China’s urban PM2.5 environmental monitoring requirements and is a suction/sweeping road sweeper used for dry sweeping in fine days and wet sweeping in rainy days, without raised dust or dead corners during sweeping operation. The unique sweeping brush vacuum cover and spiral slider adjustment combination mechanism not only solves the raised dust problem during sweeping operation, but also solves the industry’s problem of pure-suction road sweeper for impossible sweeping of curb wastes, which filled the blank both home and abroad. It’s applicable for the mechanized sweeping operations in expressways, urban ring roads, urban main roads, airports, and ports. This vehicle can complete the sweeping operations without sprinkling water for dust suppression and is especially suitable for the winter sweeping operations in China’s water-deficient regions and northern regions.


1、High suction capacity for sweeping of sands

2、No raised dusts during sweeping of dusts

3、No dead corner during sweeping of curbs

4、Effectively promoted working efficiency

With volume of crushed waste reduced by >3 times than the original volume, ZLJ5184TSLDFE5 solves the problem of easy waste tank fullness due to suction of complete leaves and fallen branches to effectively improve the working efficiency.


High environmental-friendliness

Water-free dust-suppression technology: The high-flow, high-pressure, and multi-filter-cartridge dedusting method is applied to suppress the dusts during the operations and waste dumping of the vehicle and the negative pressure self-checking system is applied to realize the self-maintenances without need of manual maintenances.

Fan noise-reduction technology: The fan vanes are optimized and the low-noise fan is designed by simulation analysis. The special spectral characteristic for the aerodynamic noise of the fan is applied and the special fan muffler is installed to reduce the working noise of the vehicle by 1~2dB.

Power matching technology: The matching between engine speed and working condition is optimized to run the engine constantly within the economic fuel consumption zone and improve the fuel economy.


High Efficiency

Super-high-simulated suction nozzle technology: CFD optimized structure: • The internal airflow field and the structural design of the suction nozzles are optimized by simulation analysis to improve the suction/collection capability by 10%.  • Unique jaw plate control structure: It ensure that the wastes of large volume can be thoroughly swept to improve the overall cleanliness.

Pipeline firmness technology: The hydraulic pipelines adopt the world’s advanced ferrule type high-precision drawn tubes with hard mechanical seals to remarkably reduce the malfunction rate of hydraulic system.



CAN bus intelligent control technology: The one-button control, the real-time display of vehicle working condition, working parameters, and malfunction information on display screen, and the video functions (such as monitoring function) are realized to understand the working situation at a glance and ease the driver’s operations and maintenances.

GPS real-time monitoring technology: The information sharing between working site and the management center can be realized by information connectivity with management platform to enable the management center to real-time master the working status of the vehicle.

Sweeping mechanism adaptive technology: The sweeping technology can automatically adjust the ground clearance of the sweeping disc based on the wear status of sweeping brush and the road condition to further improve the working cleanliness and effectively prolong the life of sweeping brush by >15%. The sweeping mechanism can automatically steer away from the obstacles on the working road and afterwards can automatically restore to normal working status, featuring high damage resistance and higher reliability.



The innovative structure broke through the technologic bottleneck and filled the blank both home and abroad.

The pioneering arrangement mode of “Middle two sweeping brush vacuum cover and spiral slider adjustment combination mechanisms + middle pure-suction integral suction nozzle” is applied.

The pioneering air duct sunny/rainy day switchover mechanism design realizes the all-weather operations under sunny and rainy days.

The pioneering dry dedusting system is installed with three-stage pneumatic conveyance dedusting device.

The integral full-floating suction nozzles can level automatically based on the road condition, featuring powerful sweeping capability, fast sweeping speed, convenient operations, and easy maintenances.

The waste tank is made of stainless steel in single-layer corrugated structure, featuring high strength, good smoothness, rust-free, and no framework.

The left/right independent or linked operation design can sweep the left and right sides independently or simultaneously to increase the sweeping width.

The waste tank can be lifted and lowered by main and secondary engines independently or simultaneously via PTO control and can also be controlled by manual oil pump.

The drive parts, hydraulic parts, and electric parts adopt high quality products.

High maturity and reliability  By means of comprehensive optimization and upgrade, it inherits the advantages of original model and solves the raised dust problem of original model during sweeping and the deficiency of incapable curb sweeping on the pure-suction road sweeper in the industry.

High safety  This product is developed, tested, improved, produced, and inspected as per stringent scientific procedures to completely meet the requirements of national automotive product mandatory standards, including GB 7258-2004 Safety Specifications for Power-Driven Vehicles Operating on Roads and pass the “3C” mandatory certification by Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA). The waste tank safety strut, hydraulic manual pump emergency system, explosion-proof pipes, and waste tank falloff automatic locking device are provided to ensure the personal safety.


High maintainability 

Two sweeping discs and suction nozzles are arranged between front and rear axles to ensure good trafficability of vehicle and the sweeping discs are of halved combination structure to ease the disassembling of sweeping brushes. 

The malfunction display function is provided to ease the installation and maintenance. 

The hydraulic pipelines and electric pipelines are arranged neatly and orderly to ease the malfunction checking and part replacement.

The application of numerous high quality parts and domestic first-class quality parts guarantees the product quality.

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