Split horizontal waste transfer station

● The LYS series split horizontal waste transfer station is composed of split horizontal waste compactor, waste tank, container handling platform (Or mechanical handling device), hooklift, and control system and is applicable for the compaction and sealed transfer of domestic wastes. 

● The container handling platform or the handling device is used to realize the docking between waste pin and LYS series split horizontal garbage compactor. The compactor directly compacts the loose domestic wastes into the waste tank by direct horizontal compacting technology and then the waste tank is docked with the hooklift for sealed transport. 

● Characteristics: Good dehydration performance, safe and reliable structure, and simple operations, without slag inclusion or sewage leakage. 

● It’s applicable for the dumping of diversified collection vehicles and can meet the working condition of transfer station with daily treatment capacity of 40~160t domestic wastes. 

● Recommendation of classic mode: Rear-platform loading, container/mechanical handling, and central control. 

● Loading mode: Rear platform and mechanical handling 

● Loading vehicles: Man-drawn vehicles and motor vehicles (≤1t/1.5m³). 

● Recommended transfer distance: ≤20km 

● Supporting vehicle: Hooklift with total mass at 16t. 

Layout plan of LYS10B3 double-position equipment

Note: 1. The running area of hooklift in front of the station is ≥10M

2. For single-position equipment, the width of working workshop is 10m. 


Civil construction requirements of equipment

Internal height of building at ≥6m

● Width at ≥3.4m and free height at ≥5m for building doors of waste bins.

● Width at ≥3.1m and height depending on customer’s maximum dumping vehicle for building doors of waste collection vehicles.


Operating Principle Diagram


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