Large horizontal pre-compacting waste transfer station equipment

• Treatment capacity: Applicable for the construction of waste transfer stations with daily treatment capacity no less than 500t and especially suitable for the construction of large waste transfer stations. 

• Waste collection vehicle: Applicable for the dumping of waste collection vehicles in gross loaded mass higher than 16t (Net load 8t/12m'). 

• Transfer distance: Applicable for the waste transfer station in transfer distance of >50km. 

• High-efficiency: The anti-collapse waste compacting head technology solves the easy collapse problem of waste blocks to realize high one-time waste forming rate, high compacting density, and high treatment efficiency. 

• High environmental-friendliness: The sewage is collected in enclosed manner and dumping centrally and the rear chamber of the compacting is clean, without collapse of waste block or secondary pollution during transfer. 

• High maintainability: The flexible self-compensation sealing device is applied between front and rear chambers of compactor body to effectively solve the industry difficulty of accumulated residual waste in rear chamber of compactor body and ease the maintenances of equipment. 

• Full-automatic: The full-travel displacement sensor transmission technology and weight control technology of the compacting head real-time control the feeding volume and compacting head position to realize full-automatic control and long life. The combination anti-wear technology is applied to reduce the wear of compacting head and compactor body and prolong the life of whole machine. 




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