Domestic Waste Incineration for Power Generation

The reciprocating reverse pushing waste incinerator has been granted the national invention patent (Patent No.: ZL201010553843.6). One incinerator can dispose of 250-800 tons of waste every day in design, which is suitable for domestic waste with high moisture content and low heat value.

1. It is simple in structure and reliable in operation, with MTBF≥6 months;

2. It has a reasonable air distribution and waste mixing design, with thorough incineration and low dust emission;

3. It has a novel sealing structure that effectively seals bad smell and ash;

4. It is available for real-time monitoring and auto-regulation of incineration parameters, and has less “three wastes” emissions than national standards.

Reduction: waste volume and weight are reduced through high-temperature incineration. The waste weight is reduced by about 80% and the volume by 90%;


No harm: adverse impact on the environment and human health is minimized throughout the entire process, including waste collection, transportation, storage, and disposal.

1. The waste is sealed throughout the whole process of collecting and transporting, so as to prevent bad smell from escaping and leachate from overflowing;

2. Gas is exhausted under negative pressure in the storage area before being burnt in the incinerator to decompose toxic gas under a high temperature of 850℃;

3. It is an advanced flue gas cleaning system whose emission indicators are better than the national standards;


Recycling: materials and energy in the waste are directly utilized or recycled.

1. The domestic waste generates electricity of about 250-300 KW/t through incineration, indicating that a 1,000 t/a domestic waste incineration power plant can produce on-grid electricity of 100 million KW/a≈over 30,000 tons of standard coal saved;

2. The slag is processed to baking-free bricks to be used at construction sites and road surfacing among others;

3. The leachate is processed for plant operation cooling and plant watering.

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