Circular Economy Industrial Park


1. Primary strengths: primary planning, primary land acquisition, and primary EIA among others;

2. Centralized treatment for saving cost: to save investment, all the waste treatment facilities are sharing the common public facilities, such as roads, water sources, and power sources;

3. Maximum recycling: water, electricity and gas recycling in an industrial park;

4. Reduction of secondary pollution: all the waste is simultaneously processed in a park to reduce secondary pollution caused by transportation and re-treatment;

5. Integrated treatment: planning, design, construction, and operation are done as a whole in principle of "sustainable circulation".


Infore Environment aims to build a smart and eco-friendly recycling economy industrial park by applying the following high standards and demanding requirements.


Planning: The Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning under the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China, is invited to make planning and design as a whole.

Design: a strategic cooperation agreement is concluded with the top ten powerful design institute in industrial design

Construction: Infore Environment has a team of more than 200 professionals engaged in civil engineering, chemical, boilers, steam turbines, thermal control, electronics, communications, sensing, and optics among other fields. It has a set of unique and advanced administrative measures for construction, management, and operation. It works together with top ten electricity construction organizations in China to make construction starting at a high level.

Operation: Infore Environment has advanced resources that take the lead in the industry, such as professional information, IoT, remote sensing and integration, and Internet R&D teams. Infore conducts project operation and management based on a modern intelligent operation and management system, which is open, transparent and free from any human intervention.

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