Activated Carbon Adsorption + Vapor/Nitrogen Desorption + Condensation Recovery Technology

Adsorption recovery is mainly a method by which the organic solvent in the waste gas is adsorbed with adsorption materials and recycled through desorption process. Through the adsorption system, not only can the concentration of VOCs in the waste gas be greatly reduced to meet the emission standard, but also the solvent can be recovered for production by desorption after adsorption, so as to realize recycling and reduce material consumption.


Product features

1. The water vapor desorption process has the advantages of high heat of phase change, complete desorption and easy condensation, and can realize automatic and effective separation of organic solvent and water;

2. By adopting nitrogen desorption process, the recovered product has low water content, high solvent quality, thus reducing operational cost;

3. The organic matters with high boiling point can be resolved by nitrogen desorption, and the desorption temperature can reach to 200 oC;

4. Nitrogen desorption basically does not have waste water produced and secondary pollution;

5. Nitrogen desorption is more complete, and activated carbon has a long service life;

6. Fully-automatic PLC control, optimized system operation mode, easy operation, stable and reliable.

Applicable scope

Recovery of medium and low concentration organic waste gas


Applicable industries

Petrochemical, packaging and printing, pharmaceutical, plastic materials etc.

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