RTO Technology of Regenerative Combustion

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is the most mature, stable and effective organic waste gas treatment equipment at present. The equipment uses advanced heat exchange technology and new honeycomb ceramic heat storage materials, with heat recovery rate of more than 95% and VOCs purification rate of more than 99%, having great technical advantages in the field of organic waste gas purification.

The RTOs produced by our company can treat VOCs and malodorous gases under various working conditions. The RTO system uses high temperature oxidation to remove waste gas, converts waste gas into carbon dioxide and water vapor by controlling temperature, retention time, turbulence coefficient and oxygen amount, and recycles heat released during decomposition of waste gas, thus realizing both environmental protection and energy saving. The switching valve independently developed by our company guarantees leakage rate < 1%, and the clean damper technology adopted ensures higher purification efficiency of the RTO equipment.


Applicable scope

Purification of medium and high concentration organic waste gas. Even when the concentration is greater than 2g/m3, combustion can be basically maintained.


Applicable industries

Packaging, printing, petrochemical, painting, pharmaceutical, coating, etc.


Main Features of RTO

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