Malodorous Waste Gas Purification Technology

Our company has developed the integrated deodorization technology of pretreatment - biological oxidation - plasma/UV photolysis, which absorbs, biodegrades and oxidizes malodorous gas molecules through high-efficiency absorbents, special biological bacteria, high-energy electrons and strong oxidizing radical group, thus achieving the goal of deodorization. It is suitable for treating the waste gas containing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, trimethylamine, styrene and other chemical composition.




Product features



1. The equipment operation cost is low;





2. Low equipment investment and energy consumption, recyclable;

3. High equipment stability and strong microbial adaptability;

4. The deodorization rate is up to 80-95%, and the odor concentration of treated gas meets the national standard.

5. Automatic PLC control, optimized system operation mode, easy operation, stable and reliable.




Applicable scope



Purification of low and medium concentration malodorous waste gas








Applicable industries



Sewage treatment plants and stations, garbage transfer stations, medicine, feed mills and other industries that emit malodorous waste gas

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