Biological Trickling /Filtration Technology

After passing through the fan, the waste gas is introduced into the spray column for pretreatment via humidification and then enters the bio-degradation plant after dust removal and humidification. The pollutants in the waste gas contact with microorganisms and are captured and degraded by the microorganisms into harmless CO2 and H2O. When the concentration of waste gas is relatively low, the nutrient solution in the nutrient solution circulating box is sent to the top of the bio-degradation plant by the circulating pump and evenly sprayed on the packings for microorganisms to absorb nutrients, grow and reproduce; the degraded and purified waste gas is guided to the stack and discharged when it meets the emission standard.


Product features

1. It is suitable for the treatment of VOCs and malodorous waste gas with large air volume and low concentration.

2. There is no biological reaction of selective oxidation, and the treatment effect is good and stable.

3. The sulfur-containing malodorous gas can be pertinently treated

4. The overall operation energy consumption of the equipment is low


Applicable industries

Waste gas treatment in municipal industries (kitchen waste treatment stations, waste transfer stations, urban waste treatment plants, manure treatment plants, urban sewage treatment plants, etc.) and industrial enterprises (painting, rubber plants, tire plants, paper mills, etc.), etc.

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