Activated Carbon Adsorption + Catalytic Combustion Technology

After the organic waste gas is saturated by activated carbon adsorption, hot air is used for desorption regeneration, and the desorbed high-concentration waste gas is exhausted after catalytic combustion. During the catalytic combustion, electric heater is adopted to heat the high-concentration waste gas produced by desorption. The organic waste gas is catalytically oxidized, at about 250 ~ 400 ℃ with precious metal catalyst, into CO2 and H2O, releasing a lot of heat, which will be reused through a heat exchanger. This technology is mainly applicable to treating organic waste gas with large air volume and medium and low concentration.

Product features

1. The purification efficiency is high, generally reaching over 98%;

2. Low light-off temperature, low energy consumption and low operation cost;

3. Flameless combustion, safe operation of equipment;

4. Precious metal catalyst, high efficiency, high heat stability and long service life;

5. Automatic PLC control, optimized system operation mode, easy operation, stable and reliable.


Applicable scope

Purification of low concentration organic waste gas


Applicable industries

Automobile painting enterprise, container enterprise, steel structure, enameled wire, printing ink etc.

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