Rotary Molecular Sieve Adsorption + RTO/RCO/CO Technology

Molecular sieve concentration technology is a method which organically combines adsorption concentration unit and thermal oxidation unit. It mainly aims at treating organic waste gas with large air volume and low concentration. The organic waste gas is converted into the one with small volume and high concentration after adsorption, purification and desorption by molecular sieve. The concentrated waste gas goes through RTO/RCO/CO and other devices for thermal oxidation treatment and the heat released by the combustion of organic matter can be recycled.

Product features

More efficient: large adsorption capacity, high concentration efficiency, 90% - 98% treatment efficiency;

Lower energy consumption: low desorption energy consumption and low maintenance cost;

Less occupied area: compact equipment and less occupied area;

Lower investment: compared with similar concentration equipment, its construction cost is lower;

Safer: systematic explosion-proof design and node monitoring, safe operation;

Smarter: automatic PLC control, optimized system operation mode, easy operation, stable and reliable.


Applicable scope

Purification of organic waste gas with large air volume and medium and low concentration


Applicable industries

Automobile painting, packaging and printing, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries

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