SNCR+SCR combined denitration technology

A brief description of the technology

SNCR+SCR combined denitration technology is a novel, efficient and technically mature process that combines the efficiency of the SCR technology and economical efficiency of the SNCR technology. It can greatly improve NOx removal rate and lower its cost.


Technical principle

In the combined system, the former process leaks ammonia on purpose to make ammonia a reducing agent for the selective catalytic reduction in the latter process. SNCR process removes some NOx while SCR process removes the remaining NOx, further reducing chances for the leak of ammonia. The combined process system uses less catalyst and hits higher NOx removal rate than the sole SCR process. Thus, the combined system can gain better investment effects at lower equipment investment.


Technical features

1. It has higher denitration efficiency than the SCR process.

2. It combines the characteristics of low investment of the SNCR process and high denitration efficiency of the SCR process.

3. It fixes the problem of the lack of site found in the sole SCR process.


Process flow

The efficient deep flue gas denitration process through cyclone atomization shares the same process with the traditional wet process of denitration, and they both mainly convert the current denitration spray column to the atomizing one.

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