"Environmental Protection Island" technology for flue gas treatment

Technical features: high-efficiency desulfurization, denitration, dust removal, and white elimination processes to achieve ultra-low emissions

Applicable industries: metallurgy, chemical industry, glass, coking, thermal power plant, etc.


Process flow

The flue gas discharged from the boiler passes through the SCR for highly effective denitration. After going through the outlet of air pre-heater, the flue gas enters the modified electrostatic (bag type) precipitator to remove dust particulate matter in it. Then, it passes through the newly added tubular heat exchanger (cooling section), where its temperature decreases to about 90℃. After that, it enters the absorption column for highly effective wet desulphurization after passing through the induced draft fan and supercharger. The flue gas at the outlet of absorption column enters the newly added wet-type electrostatic precipitator for further dedusting and is discharged via the stack after its temperature is raised to above 80℃ through the newly added tubular heat exchanger (heating section).

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