Glass Furnace Flue Gas Cleaning Technology

Process flow

The flue gas of glass furnace flows into a waste heat boiler and out of the high-temperature side of the 350 ℃ - 380℃ section of the exact boiler. Then, it flows into a high-temperature electrostatic precipitator to remove particles, and into a SCR denitration reactor to remove nitrogen oxides under reaction with ammonia, with the help of catalyst. The denitrated flue gas flows back to the low-temperature side of the 350 ℃ - 380℃ section in the waste heat boiler. The flue gas exhausted from the waste heat boiler sees a temperature fall to 120 ℃ -150℃ and flows into a semi-drying desulfurization plant to remove sulfur dioxide in the flue gas. Finally, the purified flue gas is discharged through the stack after passing through the booster fan.

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