YX-CEMS-L Ultra-low Concentration Continuous Flue Gas Emission Monitoring Systems

Product Overview

In response to the ultra-low emission monitoring requirements of coal-fired boiler flue gas in thermal power plants, our company has launched a targeted plan for ultra-low concentration flue gas emission monitoring. The monitoring system adopts the dilution extraction type and has high accuracy when the ultra-low emission particles are sampled and measured in line with the principle of laser scattering method; sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are sampled with the cold drying method of direct extraction; the flue gas analyzer (SO2) adopts non-dispersive UV absorption method with more accurate and more stable measurement, which can reduce with the instability of infrared light measurement; the sampling system is provided with sampling tubes including high-temperature heating sampling tube, high-temperature sampling probe, and high-temperature heat tracing tube, and the whole process from all sampling pipelines to refrigerators is performed under high temperature above 200 °C to avoid occurrence of the condensation water; the pretreatment system is equipped with a new ultra-low emission compressor refrigerator to ensure the maximum separation of water vapor during the refrigeration process (adding of phosphoric acid should be taken into consideration to further reduce the loss), and the PFA material is selected for the heat tracing pipe and the pipeline inside the cabinet to reduce the loss on the material, thereby maximally maintaining the integrity of the SO2.


Product characteristics

● Four gas components can be analyzed

● The IntrinzXTM optical technology is adopted by the gas analyzer

● The soot analyzer can adapt to a high humidity environment.

● The soot analyzer has automatic zero and range checking functions, as well as automatic cleaning calibration optical mirror.

● Real-time transmission of site data, factory remote monitoring, and failure diagnose

● It is suitable for different kinds of transmission modes and compatible with various transmission protocols, enabling multi-layer networking


Monitoring factors

● The concentration of pollutants: Smoke, SO2, O2, NOx etc.

● Parameters of flue gas: Temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity etc.


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