YX-CEMS Waste Incineration and Continuous Flue Gas Emission Monitoring Systems

Product Overview

Compared with the flue gas produced by the traditional coal-fired boiler that generated from waste incineration, the product is featured with high dust, high moisture, high pollution, strong corrosion, etc., and contains water-soluble gas with high corrosion such as HCl, HF, SO2, setting higher requirements on sampling, pretreatment, analytical instruments and other equipment and materials for monitoring system. In particular, the pretreatment system can be significantly corroded by HCl and HF because they are soluble in the water.

The gas analysis of the system consists of a high-temperature sampling system and an international advanced multi-component infrared analyzer. The sampling system includes a high-temperature sampling probe with a heated filter, a measuring/backflushing/calibrating valve assembly under the high-temperature condition, and a heat-tracing sampling line. A high-temperature measurement system is installed in the cabinet of the system, including multi-component infrared photometers using high-temperature measurement chambers (up to 200°C), high-temperature sampling pumps, high-temperature flow meters and heated sample gas transfer lines. A 750°C high-temperature bypass chamber can be added to measure the oxygen concentration by an integrated zirconia sensor simultaneously.


Product characteristics

● Efficient anti-corrosion and anti-clogging

The entire analysis process of the system is carried out at a high temperature of 180°C, which is higher than the (acid) dew point temperature of the flue gas, and is free of data deviation and corrosion of the analysis system caused by moisture condensation, and system blocking caused by solidification and accumulation of unknown materials of high boiling point

● High measurement accuracy and strong environmental adaptability

The entire analysis process applies high-temperature heat tracing to avoid the influence of moisture on the measurement accuracy throughout the analysis. Up to eight components can be measured simultaneously in line with the principles of dual wavelength measurement and gas-related filtration. The interference sensitivity is capable of being detected and compensated, and analog and digital signals sourced from external inputs are capable of being processed in order to achieve optimum measurement accuracy.

● High reliability and easy maintenance

Such operations as dust filtration, sampling and backflushing are performed at high temperatures, improving efficiency, extending maintenance-free time and increasing reliability of the system. The whole system is designed with a modular structure, and enjoys good replaceability of device, simple operation and low maintenance cost.


Monitoring factors

● Contaminant concentration: smoke dust, SO2, NOx, HCl, NH3, CO, CO2, O2, H2O, etc.

● Parameters of flue gas: temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc.

● Extended monitoring: HF, CH4, N2O, etc.

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