YX-VOCs Volatile Organic Compound On-line Monitoring System

Product Overview

The gas chromatography - hydrogen flame ion detector method is adopted by YX-VOCs volatile organic compound on-line monitoring system (fixed pollution sources), while the high-temperature heat tracing patent technology is utilized by system sampling pretreatment, to guarantee the sample gas enters analysis completely and effectively. Via the intelligent switching and backflushing quick measurement technology, the continuing of on-line monitoring of multiple volatile organic compounds (VOCs) discharged by fixed pollution sources is conducted.

The system provides advanced monitoring and early warning system for environmental emergency monitoring, and guarantees personal safety and production safety; it also provides data support for existing volatile organic compounds pollution control technology.

The system can be widely used in petroleum chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, furniture, container, printing, and dyeing industry etc., for analysis and monitoring of volatile organic compounds.


Product characteristics

● It has multi-channel automatic switching and monitoring function, and can compare the waste gas discharge concentration at multiple outlets in a dynamic and real-time manner. It is suitable for the comparison of indexes, such as removal rate of the waste gas treatment facilities, improving practicability and saving cost.

● Short analysis period, fast speed, and the non-methane hydrocarbon average analysis response time is less than 60s, greatly improving the working efficiency.

● The monitoring factors can be customized flexibly according to the project requirements, while diversified monitoring of volatile organic compounds can also be realized.

● Multiple data output modes such as 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP etc. are supported, meanwhile, data can be accessed to environmental protection bureaus at multiple levels as well as central control system inside the enterprises.

● The instrument has automatic full range calibration and correction function, which guarantees the accuracy of data detection.

● The perfect data processing system is convenient for the storage, query, export etc. of atlas and data.

● The negative pressure incoming design can effectively guarantee the consistency between standard gas correction and actual sample making.

The professional pretreatment technology accumulated over the years adapts to different conditions on site.


Monitoring factors

Non-methane hydrocarbon, benzene series


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