YX-MAQMS Tendency Environment Air Quality Automatic Monitoring System

Product Overview

The YX-MAQMS tendency environment air quality automatic monitoring system adopts micro air quality monitoring unit of high flexibility, high parallelism, high consistency, based on the design tenet of "networking control and vertical management", combining big data meteorological and pollution source analysis, via reasonable tendency stationing, link to mobile monitoring equipment, national air quality monitoring network, remote sensing satellite monitoring etc., forms an ultra-large area of air quality monitoring tendency system, via technologies such as big data digging of monitoring results, big data pollution diffusion simulation etc., provides decision making evidence for targeted pollution governance, environmental law enforcement etc., so as to realize refined, transparent, real-time and controllable management mode for environmental problems, and greatly improve the working efficiency of the governmental department.


Product characteristics

●  The multi-level calibration system realizes temperature and humidity drift and cross interference automatic correction

● The monitoring unit has functions such as automatic detection, environmental law enforcement alarming, automatic networking, automatic calibration etc.

● The monitoring platform will automatically push the pollution source positioning range, and the monitoring report will be generated automatically.

● The in-depth learning and big data analysis technology are adopted, to dig the pollution sources and change tendencies hidden in mass monitoring data.

● The national standards are adopted by the portable mobile calibration equipment, with intelligent and automated calibration.

● The monitoring parameters and functions can be customized.


Monitoring factors

Parameters such as SO2, O3, CO, NO2, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, VOCs, stink, weather and visibility


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