YX-UAV-CCS UAV Automatic Cruising Environment Monitoring System

The YX-UAV-CCS UAV Automatic Cruising Environment Monitoring System deeply integrates artificial intelligence and microsite with UAV, which could provide users with a bespoke solution to artificial cruising in the field of environmental monitoring and help industrial users collect, analyze, and tap into massive data conveniently, efficiently, and directly. In the meantime, it will offer a three-dimensional system for law enforcement.


I.      System characteristics

●      The gas monitoring unit is highly precise, free of interference among sensors, making data real.

●      It enables real-time capturing of evidence and mapping of the thermal distribution graph of pollutants in the cruising area

●      Independent planning of flight paths and tracks

●      One key generation of original data and analytic report

●      It enables a seamless connection with the accurate decision-making platform for microsites


II.     System solution

UAV system+mobile platform+desktop platform+ complete solutions for cloud platform.

●      Flight mission planning and task monitoring

●      Real-time display of images on high-definition cameras

●      Real-time reading of pollutant data

●      Real-time mapping of 2D/3D air pollutant distribution graphs

●      Historical data could be loaded locally or from the platform for analyses

●      One key generation of task reports


III. Investigation of pollution sources

It could be used for environmental monitoring of pollution source discharge, river drainage outlets, unorganized discharge outlets in the plant area, and other objects. The Yuxing air quality monitoring system can provide rounded rapid efficient monitoring and evidence collection in areas where law enforcement personnel are difficult and inconvenient to check and enter.


IV.    Emergent monitoring

It can be used in emergent monitoring of unexpected environmental accidents. It can send back footage, infrared images, and leakage gas concentration distribution in real time, enabling real-time mapping of the distribution of harmful and lethal concentration areas, calculation of the direction and speed of diffusion. Therefore, it could provide efficient data support for the treatment of environmental accidents.


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