YX-TVOC Volatile Organic Compound Photoionization Detector

Product Overview

The YX-TVOC volatile organic compound photoionization detector measures the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) accurately based on the photoionization detection principle, which can be used in the on-line measurement of VOCs under adverse environment such as plant boundary and stack outlet etc., with characteristics such as high measurement accuracy, reliability, small maintenance, low running cost etc. The system is widely used in environmental protection safety, petrochemical industry, iron & steel smelting industry etc., which can conduct VOCs real-time on-line monitoring and early warning under various complex environments such as chemical industry park, large gymnasium, port, and warehouse via constructing sensor data collection network and data communication system.


Product characteristics

● Advanced technology, quick and accurate measurement

The high-performance PID sensor is adopted, with quick response speed; the steady and reliable pretreatment system effectively extends system life.

● Real-time monitoring, steady and reliable data

Monitor the discharge of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a real-time manner on site, collect, analyze, and upload measured data to the monitoring center and environmental protection departments at all levels.

● Reasonable design, simple and convenient operation

The waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof design can be used in different types of sites; Chinese operation interface, large size key design, and controllable infrared remote control. It is convenient for distance operation on site.

● Reliable product, and stable system operation

Double protection of power supply lightning protector and antenna/feeder lightning protector, analog interface transient voltage inhibitor overvoltage protection, software, and circuit dual filter, programmable watchdog timer, and the input interface optical isolation technology guarantees a long-term effective operation of the system.


Monitoring factors




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