YX-EAM-VEH Environment Air Quality Monitoring Vehicle

The YX-EAM-VEH Environment Air Quality Monitoring Vehicle utilizes the vertical and voyage detection of atmospheric particulate matters with the laser radar, which could quickly locate pollution source and combine the three-dimensional high-precision electronic map during traveling. It also enables sidewalk measurement and can provide the stereoscopic scan distribution map of the pollution source space through the professional backstage analysis software platform. It combines routine six-factor analyzers (SO2 analyzer, NOX analyzer, O3 analyzer, CO analyzer, particle size analyzer (PM10/PM2.5), the calibration system, and meteorological five parameters, which could test pollution source emission concentration and offers a qualitative solution for law enforcement against companies which emit secretly or omit emission. It is applicable to monitoring and emergency monitoring of industrial emission, dust, automobile exhaust, catering and barbecue, and other pollution sources.


System characteristics:

Peak performance

● Supporting host computer software and data platform is developed independently, and first-hand data are acquired and synchronized remotely

● The equipment has a quick response time and strong anti-interference capabilities, enabling real-time reliable stable efficient data output

● It could quickly locate local sources, trace abnormal changes of data in sites and guarantee local air qualities

● The integrated air automatic monitoring system is equipped with a calibration system, which is stable and reliable, making data more convincing.



● Its advanced design concepts make sure that each module work independently and could be linked and combined

● It supports fixed-point monitoring and mobile underway monitoring, which could satisfy the demands of customers for monitoring

● The vehicle-borne radar is small in sizes, with complete functions, which is convenient for dismantling and maintenance.

● The operation of the equipment is highly stable, and its operational and maintenance costs are low

● The car-borne dual air conditioning system could provide a good environment for equipment operation and operators

● It utilizes a safe stable UPS car-borne power supply system with functions of voltage stabilization and inversion, which could ensure the cruising power for underway or field monitoring

● It monitors built-in 4G wireless network modules in the vehicle, which could transmit data to the cloud platform in real time and achieve unmanned duty and remote controls

● Adequate positions are reserved in the car body, and concerned mobile equipment and experiment instrument could be fitted according to customers' requirements


Monitoring factors:

1. Air quality monitoring: SO2, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5/PM10, etc.;

2. Environment meteorological monitoring: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure.


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