YX-CEMS Continuous Flue Gas Monitoring System

Product Overview

The YX-CEMS Continuous Flue Gas Monitoring System adopts advanced technologies and employs the rear scattering method to measure the concentration of smoke dust; it utilizes the heat-pipe full sampling and the non-dispersion infrared absorption to measure the concentration of pollutants in fute gases. It utilizes pitot tubes, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity analyzers, oxygen analyzers, and other instruments to measure parameters of flue gas. It adopts industrial personal computers, PLC, and the software system independently developed by the company to collect and process data, enable real-time monitoring, generate charts and statements, and control the system. It is widely applicable to the monitoring of fixed pollution sources of pollution gases generated in thermal power plants, extensive desulfurization processes, chemical industries, steel industries, petroleum industries, cement industries, civil heating boilers, waste incineration plants, and other industrial production processes.


Product characteristics

● Standard modular design, easy for maintenance, upgrading, and expansion

● It dynamically combines foreign core technologies and domestic technologies, making its product highly cost-effective

● Targeted design for environment conditions (high dust, high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion), making the product highly adaptable

● It has multiple technology patents and high system stability, making its operations easy, reducing the maintenance workload as well as operation expenses

● Real-time transmission of site data, factory remote monitoring, and failure diagnose

● It is suitable to different kinds of transmission modes and compatible with various transmission protocols, enabling multi-layer networking


Monitoring factors

● The concentration of pollutants: SO2, NOx, dust, and various flue gas components

● Parameters of flue gas: temperature, pressure, flow rate, humidity, oxygenation, etc.

Extended monitoring: CO, CO2, NH3, etc.

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