YX-CDMS On-line Dust Monitoring System

Product Overview

The YX-CDMS on-line dust monitoring system is independently developed and produced by our company, which is suitable for the construction site of industrial and civil buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, bridges and other construction public utilities, underground railways, and highways. It can conduct on-line monitoring of dust pollution in a real-time manner. The factors that can be monitored by the system include particles, noise, meteorological parameters, and video surveillance etc. It can be widely used in unattended remote monitoring and evaluation system such as digital urban management, smart city, environmental protection IOT etc. The system can provide integrated solutions of all-around monitoring from point, line, and plane for all kinds of urban dust.

The system consists of five parts namely the on-site monitoring unit, the data center, the monitoring center, the remote centralized monitoring and management platform, and the smartphone client.


Product characteristics

● The monitoring of TSP/PM10 /PM2.5 or free combination monitoring can be realized.

● Provide automatic snapshot and remote forensics with respect to standard exceeding for field images.

● When exceeding the standard, take photos and camera shooting at the easy-to-exceed points set by the user (i.e. traffic routes such as site entrance/exit, goods loading/unloading, excavation etc.), provide qualitative image and video evidence for quantitative monitoring data, and assist the management department to solve monitoring problems such as night construction on site etc.

● The noise dust signal is overlapped on the video monitoring image, displaying the noise dust value in a dynamic and real-time manner.

● Provide abundant on-line monitoring historical data for the supervision department.

● Small in volume, and reasonable in structure, which is convenient for installation and mobile measurement.

● The standard IP65 chassis, rainproof and dust-proof, with adaptive capacity under all-weather complex environment.


Monitoring factors

TSP, PM10, PM2.5


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