YX-SFP Ultrasonic Pipe Flowmeter (Clamp Type)

Product Overview

YX-SFP ultrasonic pipe flowmeter (clamp type) is suitable for measuring the flow rate and cumulative (flow rate) amount of city water, industrial and agricultural water, drainage water, and other single-phase liquids (or the liquids that can be considered as close to single-phase) filled in closed circular pipes. The pipes must be full of liquid and there must be no air in the pipes. It works for pipes of almost all types and materials. Such as carbon steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, FRP, stainless steel, nodular cast iron, PVC, plastic, etc. The measuring range is 5 cm to 25 cm in diameter; the measuring linearity is better than 0.5%; the repeatability accuracy is better than 0.2%; the time difference measuring resolution is up to 40 picoseconds, making measuring accuracy up to ±1%.


Product characteristics

1. High adaptability to working conditions and convenient installation and maintenance

2. High precision and low power consumption


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