YX-TBRG Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauge

Product Overview

YX-TBRG tipping-bucket rain gauge is a measuring device used to measure rainfall in a certain area for a period of time. It converts rainfall into physical signals that can be measured to realize remote data transmission. It is composed of rain catcher, metering tipping bucket, reed switch, signal output terminal, etc. Its performance conforms to the national standard GB/T 11832-2002 Equipment for Hydrological Measuring and Reporting - Remote Measuring Rain gauge and the national standard GB/T 11832-2002 Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauge.


Product characteristics

1. It is made of stainless steel material, robust, durable and beautiful.

2. High measurement accuracy, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and low failure rate

3. As the core component, the measuring tipping bucket adopts a three-dimensional streamline design, having a sagging cambered diversion tip, with beautiful appearance, smooth turning action, and stable performance

4. Strong lightning resistance, electromagnetic resistance, and anti-interference capability

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