Integrated Urban-Rural Sanitation PPP Project in Cili County

 Along with the rapid economic development of the county, the amount of rural domestic waste is also increasing, and waste of Cili County is expected to increase from 270 t/d to 350 t/d within three years. However, current investment and construction of rural domestic waste treatment infrastructure are not enough to support the construction of socialism new countryside and the overall development of the urban-rural environment in the county. The rural sanitation status is not good enough and the waste treatment issue has to be settled urgently.

 In order to protect the ecological resources and improve the human settlement of the county, the county government works together with Zoomlion to discover new ideas of environmental protection and come up with urban-rural sanitation integrated solutions.

 On the basis of the environmental renovation demands and capital strength of Cili County, Zoomlion divided the Integrated Urban-Rural Sanitation Project in Cili County into two phases. During the first phase, the road cleaning equipment is provided to promote the mechanization level of cleaning and improve the sanitation of the primary and secondary main lanes, third and fourth-level lanes and communities, so that the sanitation of Cili County can reach the level of key tourist cities.

 After improving the urban sanitation level, the collection and transfer of rural waste become the next issue to be solved. According to the experts from Zoomlion, the company will establish 15 rural waste transfer stations and provide support equipment based on rational distribution, to ensure that waste in 25 villages of Cili County can be collected every day.

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