Rural waste collection and transfer PPP project in Fusui, Guangxi

 The franchise period of the Fusui PPP project is 30 years, during which the total operating service charge is about 500 million yuan. The total project investment is about 120 million yuan and the service scope covers the establishment of a rural domestic waste collection and transfer system serving 11 towns, 128 administrative villages and 670 sub-villages inside the county. This waste collection and transfer system are featured with "collecting from villages and transferring by towns".

 During the franchise period of the project, the collection and transfer rate of waste should be promoted to more than 90% and a delicacy management system should be established to ensure the operating quality and reduce the management costs. In addition, the supervision system should be improved to ensure that funds invested by the government can create the maximum efficacy; a sanitation information management platform should be established to make the sanitation operation controllable at real time.

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