Successful Launch of a New Generation of RTO of INFORE Environment Technology Group

 On August 17, the new generation of safer, more intelligent and more energy-saving RTO researched and developed by INFORE Environment Technology Group independently, was officially launched at Shangfeng, a wholly-owned subsidiary subordinated to INFORE Environment Technology Group.

 RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) is the heat-accumulating incinerator, and is widely applied for treatment of volatile organic compound (VOCs) since the 1990s towing to its high removal efficiency and heat recovery efficiency. The core technology of RTO has always been mastered by European and American countries for years, and the needs are met through imported equipment and techniques for a long term.

 In recent years, with rapid development of the environmental protection career in China, more and more attention is paid by national authorities to pollution discharge of enterprises. The environment-friendly enterprises are increasingly advocated. Energy saving and emission reduction become the primary objectives of enterprises. The enterprises’ increasing needs for new techniques and new process urge constant research breakthroughs of domestic enterprises in VOCs governance techniques.

 The product launched by INFORE Environment Technology Group, an environment-friendly enterprise dedicated to solving the technical difficulties for energy saving and emission reduction in a systematic manner for the clients, is completely researched and developed, designed and manufactured independently, with significant improvement in advantages as for common difficulties concerning safety, energy saving and man-machine operation on the market, such as functions of detection within the CFD flow field, temperature reduction and protection, standard certification, customized energy saving and recycling featured by a high thermal ratio, visualized operation on the mobile terminal and multiple PT terminal feedback. With regard to equipment manufacturing, Shangfeng, a subsidiary of INFORE Environment Technology Group, is a mature processing base for high-end equipment, which is equipped with more than 300 sets of imported numerical control machine tool, large cutting and pressure casting equipment to guarantee the processing quality and precision of the products. In addition, the turbulent flow inside the furnace is simulated at the laboratory of the flow field with national certification, to reach the optimal state.

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