KBZ Series High-Pressure Cast Variable Wing Axial Flow Fan

Core technology

● The blade adopts CTO design technology. The structure does not have front and rear guide vane, and the maximum total pressure efficiency reaches the national first-class energy efficiency. Its noise is 2-3dB lower than the A-weighted sound level.

● The impeller adopts structural optimization design and high-pressure casting technology, and its weight is reduced by 65% compared with ordinary low-pressure cast wing impeller.

● All parts are assembled by bolts, which can effectively improve the manufacturing accuracy and standardize the production.


Parameter scale

Impeller diameter: 300-1400 mm           Air volume: 1000 - 150000m3/h

Total pressure: 40 - 1600 Pa


Applicable industries

It is used for the places of industrial and civil construction projects needing ventilation and smokes exhaust.


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