Special Low Noise and High-Efficiency Centrifugal Fan for Sweeper

Core technology

● The impeller adopts Splitter airfoil technology to improve the cleaning effect of the sweeper and reduce fuel consumption and noise.

● By adopting the optimal matching air inlet box and internally setting the intersecting arc-shaped jet flow device, the problem of eccentric vortex at the inlet of the impeller is solved and the effective flow area is increased.

● The design of lip-shaped seal for rotary shaft ensures safe and reliable operation of the fan and prolongs its service life.


Parameter scale

Air volume: 6063 - 15068m3/h, wind pressure: 9522 - 5252 pa, power: 30kw.


Applicable industries

It is widely used in sweepers working on highway, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks, and other roads.


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