Flue Gas Condenser

Core technology

● The condenser is wholly made of high corrosion-resistant materials and has high corrosion resistance

● The heat exchanger adopts triangular spacing design, and the heat transfer coefficient is increased by about 10% - 15 %, having a higher heat transfer efficiency.

● The ash flushing and cleaning devices are respectively set at the upper part and the middle part; it adopts wide-angle and large-flow nozzles to clean quickly and cleanly.

● The multi-module combination and independent distribution of cooling medium make maintenance convenient and cost low.


Parameter scale

Outline dimension: 11700x8200x4500           Air volume: 1,207,400m3/h

Flue gas pressure drop: 300 - 500 Pa


Applicable industries

It is used for smoke control of coal-fired enterprises, white smoke plume elimination and other environmental control of coal-fired power plant units.

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