Check Valve

Core technology

● The design of the adjustable counterweight on the rod can meet the balance of different opening angles of the valve plate under any blowing rate.

● The angle of inclination of the counterweight rod is reasonably designed to ensure that not only the valve can be opened under the pressure difference of opening, but also meet the sealing requirements after closing.

● A pair of gear meshing designs is adopted to ensure synchronous opening and closing of the two plates.

● The semi-circular shaped line sealing technology of sealing ring can realize sealing at a different tangential angle.


Parameter scale

Design pressure: 5000 Pa

Shell leakage rate: Zero at 250 Pa

Valve seat leakage rate: ≤ 40 Nm3/h.m2 at 250 Pa

Flow resistance coefficient: ζ ≤ 1

Pressure difference for opening: ≤150 Pa

Design life: 40 years

Radiation-resistant dose: 2X103Gy


Applicable industries

It is used at the outlet of the fan of the nuclear island ventilation system of the nuclear power station, or in a cylinder pipeline that needs to prevent air flowing backward.

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