Anti-seismic Electric Air Valve with Electric Heating

Core technology

● Design of 3-minute fast melting ice or automatic melting ice

● A soft-hard wire sealing structure design is adopted to meet the sealing requirements

● The blade adopts an airfoil reinforced structure with a resistance coefficient of 0.66

● Meeting the requirements of seismic class 1A


Parameter scale

Design pressure: 0.005 MPa

Shell leakage rate: ≤ 75 Nm3/h m2 at 4000 Pa

Seat leakage rate: ≤ 750 Nm3/h m2 at 4000 Pa

Flow resistance coefficient: ζ ≤ 1

Seismic class: 1A

Design life: 40 years

Radiation-resistant dose: 2X102Gy


Applicable industries

It is used at the fresh air inlet or outlet of the ventilation system in the low-temperature, rain and snow environment of the nuclear power station to cut off or regulate the air flow.


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