Waste Leachate Treatment

Service overview:

Based on profound product design and equipment manufacture ability, the factory integrated product self-developed by the company was put into the market in 2010, while the research on all-around waste leachate solution was also carried out, obtaining wide product promotion and customer recognition. Based on the integrated and modular advanced products such as mobile type, container type, fixed station type, we possess the ability to quickly respond different customer requirements and providing waste leachate treatment solutions.



According to multiple years of cultivation of our company in waste leachate treatment industry, different treatment processes such as two-stage DTRO membrane treatment, pretreatment + two-stage DTRO membrane treatment, pretreatment + MBR + membrane treatment, membrane treatment + steaming can be provided, to match waste leachate treatment such as landfill yard, waste incineration plant, refuse transfer station, emergency treatment. We can also provide waste leachate solution for customers in a flexible, economic, reliable and all-around manner via different business modes such as EPC, PPP, BOT, lease, covering all aspects such as emergency treatment, project operation, establishment, modification, and expansion.

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