Garbage separation equipment


Zoomlion garbage separation system and equipment are developed for classification of mixed domestic garbage of China for efficient mechanical separation of recyclable waste and perishable garbage so as to lay foundation for resource utilization, reduction and harm-less treatment. In 2013, Zoomlion established and operated the first mechanical separation line in China for industrial garbage (entanglements)---Longang 1,000 t/d garbage separation project in Shenzhen. In 2014, the company established Shunde garbage separation, compression and transferring station, the first separation line in China for reduced landfill + blue incineration; in 2015, the company established a 400t/d garbage fine separation line in Shanghe, Shandong Province, for treatment of domestic garbage in countryside. So far, the company has applied for 68 patents, including 29 patents for invention and 42 patents for new utility design. The company the first one in the world in developing technology for removing entanglement and bulky garbage.



The domestic garbage is divided into inert material, perishable organic material, recyclable material and combustible material via feeding, refining, bag breaking, screening, bouncing and winnowing. The separated materials are sent to terminal treatment facility for resource utilization, reduction and harmless treatment.


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