Snow sweeper ZLJ5163TCXCAE5

ZLJ5163TCXCAE5 Snow sweeper is applicable to quick snow removing, ice removing and water removing operation for runway of airport. It is also applicable to emergent snow removing and sand removing operation for highway and city belt way.


Multi-functions, strong impact force and easy start mechanism;  

The two sets of auto preheating systems for fuel and coolant enable the auxiliary engine to be started when the temperature is -35℃.

Either manual or auto control mechanism for electrical system, video display of working condition, easy operation, reliable performance and emergent troubleshooting of electrical system;

Auxiliary engine rpm is controlled by CAN bus at real time, better than that controlled by PTO and remote throttle regulation in terms of reliability and stability.

Independent fuel tank, fuel meter and total working hour meter for chassis engine and auxiliary engine ensure longer hours of continuous operation and easier maintenance.

Leak-proof hydraulic system and anti-corrosion treatment for hydraulic pipeline; main pipelines are connected via quick connector, safe, reliable and easy to maintain;

All operations are done accurately by the driver himself in the cab and either auto operation or manual operation is available according to snow condition.

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