Kitchen Waste Resourceful Treatment

Business overview:

In terms of kitchen waste (including food waste) recycling technology, Infore Environment has developed a modularized and integrated complete-set kitchen waste recycling equipment and technology, which fit China's national situation with completely proprietary intellectual property rights on the ground of its powerful equipment manufacturing capacity. Infore has also put the equipment and technology into industrial production and operation, and had 18 invention patents and 46 utility model patents so far.

In 2011, Infore Environment designed and built a 125 t/d exemplary kitchen waste resourceful treatment line, and put it into operation successfully. Such achievement has been verified by the Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department as "technically geared to internationally advanced standards as a whole";

In 2012, Infore Environment completed Changsha Renhe Kitchen Waste Treatment Project and Zhangjiagang Kitchen Waste Treatment Project;

In 2015, Infore Environment acquired Italy's Ladurner and took the initiative to take in and merge with Ladurner's anaerobic treatment process and equipment; in 2016, Infore built Huaian Kitchen Waste Treatment Project and successfully put the project into operation.



Kitchen waste pre-treatment is mainly operated under the following process: feeding + primary separation + secondary separation + crushing and pulping + steaming and cooking + grease extraction.

Through pre-treatment, the kitchen waste falls into impurity, organic slag, waste water, and waste grease. The pre-treatment is characterized by high impurity removal rate, high grease extraction rate, and low organic loss rate. The organic slag and wastewater are mixed to produce slurry to move on to the final pre-treatment process--grit separation. The grit separator and anaerobic fermentation equalization pool work together. The biogas slurry produced in the anaerobic fermentation system is concentrated. After being concentrated, the biogas residue and pre-treatment impurities produced will be used for power generation by incineration, wastewater treated through the wastewater treatment system, and waste grease used for the preparation of biodiesel. 

All the key devices in the entire pre-treatment workshop are fully sealed. The entire plant is in intelligent operation and auto control, so as to improve the operating environment and greatly enhance working efficiency. A special corridor is available for visitors throughout the workshop and a demonstration hall is built in the office building, which can have a good publicity result and take effects in education and demonstration.

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