Container-detachable garbage compactor(Electric)

It’s applicable for the collection and transport of bag garbage in streets and alleyways and communities and bulk garbage in narrow road regions.

● The main cylinder adopts the buffer structure to ensure smooth motions and low operation noise during the loading of garbage bins.

● The hydraulic pump is powered by transmission PTO to ensure abundant power performance and high reliability.

●  The balance valve control is applied for the main cylinder to prevent the safety accidents due to burst of hydraulic system pipes.

● The full-hydraulic control is applied so that the operator can complete the loading and unloading of garbage bins within the cab.

● The electric interlocking device is applied to improve the operation safety of the equipment.

● The critical electric parts adopt the imported products to guarantee the reliability of equipment.

● The installed waste tank adopts the full-enclosed design to eliminate the sewage leakage and secondary pollution problem during the transport.

● The quick and trickle charging modes are provided. The quick charging time is 2h and the maximum driving range is up to 185km.


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