Garbage compactor (Japanese version) - LNG

This series garbage compactor is a new generation rear-loading garbage compactor developed and designed by Zoomlion on the basis of analyzing and absorbing the advantages of like products both home and abroad. Featuring compact and beautiful appearance, excellent performance, humanized control mode, high working efficiency, and low noise, it’s applied with rear-installed two-way compacting technology to complete the collection and transport of township household garbage. The core parts for hydraulic system and electric system adopt high quality products to ensure high working stability, with the comprehensive performance reaching the advanced level of domestic like products. This product was successfully exported to Japan to create an industry’s new record.

1.This product is mainly applicable for the collection and transport of domestic wastes in bins, bags, and bulks for township residential areas, communities, large factories and mines, institutions and universalities, and narrow streets in old towns. 
2.It’s not applicable for the collection and transport of construction wastes, industrial wastes, and kitchen wastes.

During the loading of waste, the waste can be loaded by loading mechanism or manual operation into the hopper of pre-compactor depending on the local collection and transport system. Under the combined control of the electric system and hydraulic valve group, it realizes the automated loading and compacting of waste. In addition, this product is designed with diversified compacting control methods to meet the operating habits of different customers.  During dumping, operating the buttons of control panel in the cab can sequentially complete the “Lift pre-compactor - Extend bulldozing blade for dumping - Lower pre-compactor”. During this process, the cleanup of waste from the hopper of pre-compactor and the retraction of bulldozing blade after the dumping will be completed automatically under the control of the electric system to reduce the workload of the operator.

High environmental-friendliness

● The design of labyrinth three-layer seal design and ship-shaped baseplate solves the sewage leakage problem. At the junction surface between pre-compressor and waste tank, the multi-layer sealing strip and labyrinth sealing structure form doubled protection and the tank body side water bars and pre-compressor high capacity water collection box function for third protection. Meanwhile, the unique structure of the sewage tank washboard beneath the pre-compressor prevents the backflow of sewage to completely eliminate the sewage leakage and reduce the environment pollution.


High efficiency

● Up to 10 optional loading devices are available to meet the customers’ diversified collection modes to the maximum extent.

● The compaction ratio is improved to 1:2.7 by finite element analysis and dynamic simulation calculation to promote the transport efficiency.


High intelligence

● The nowadays industry’s most advanced “CAN bus + special controller mode” is applied, featuring high automation level, low malfunction rate, and more convenient operations and maintenances.

● The multimedia real-time monitoring system monitors the compression, loading, dumping, and reversing camera information to guarantee the operation safety.



● High adaptability: The multiple loading mechanisms cover the domestic mainstream waste collection modes. The waste bin tilting type loading mechanism is applicable for up to “240mm" waste bin hooking height to completely cover the territorial differences of waste bins. Two hydraulic system configurations, namely economic home-made manifold valve configuration and high-end imported multi-way valve configuration, can meet the customers' diversified needs.

● High corrosion resistance: The high quality corrosion/weather resistant steel 09CuPCrNi-A is applied for the steel plates of the critical parts in direct contact with the wastes, including waste tank and pre-compressor, to ensure high corrosion resistance, long life, and especial suitability for corrosive working environments.

● High environmental-friendliness: The hydraulic system is optimized to adjust the working speed of engine, maintain low working noise of vehicle, and reduce the noise pollution. At the junction surface between pre-compressor and waste tank, the labyrinth multi-layer sealing is applied to eliminate the sewage leakage and reduce the environment pollution. The waste tank is designed in “full-enclosed” structure to reduce the odor pollution.

● Advanced control technology: Breaking through the traditional I/O+PLC control mode of garbage compactors in the market, this product is applied with the industry’s most advanced “CAN bus + special controller mode”, featuring high automation level, low malfunction rate, and more convenient operations and maintenances.

● Ferrule type hydraulic pipelines: The ferrule type hydraulic pipelines applied feature beautiful modeling and good repeated disassembling/assembling performance and, compared with common welded pipelines, can reduce the influence of impurities on the hydraulic system. 

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