Low pressure water tanker(LNG)

This series product is a 3rd generation low pressure cleaning vehicle developed by our company suitably for the cleaning and sprinkling of urban roads and squares and the greening irrigation.  It’s applicable for the cleaning of urban roads, highways, squares, and ports and harbors as well as the greening irrigations for green belts. The optional self-priming device can be used for the sites without pressurized running water to realize the autonomous water refilling and expand the operation scope of the vehicle. The optional rear mist spraying system can be used for dust suppression and temperature reduction operations. It’s not applicable for the operations under the environments with easily freezing temperature.

High enviromental-friendliness

● The design optimized low pressure water circuit system of the water tanker realizes reduced water and energy consumption on the precondition of meeting the operation needs.


High efficiency

● With the application of finite element design for the structure, the water tank reduces own weight by 10% and increases the effective capacity by 1.2m3 to realize longer operation time.

● The special flow production line, the tank forming technology, and the robot automatic welding guarantee the product quality to realize low malfunction rate and high efficiency of the vehicle.

● The water tanker features complete functional equipment, multi-purpose, extensive application scope, and high operating efficiency.


High intelligence

● The cruise control system on the water tanker improves operation quality, eases the operations, and saves the fuel.



● The high-efficiency self-priming double-stage centrifugal pump of domestic renowned brand features sable and reliable quality and high lift and is driven by chassis engine via power takeoff.

● The front conical flushing nozzles feature automatic control and easy and flexible operations, with the flushing width capable of covering 6 lanes.

● The rear cylindrical sprinkling nozzles can spray a uniform fan-shaped water mist, with the width up to 14m, to effectively suppress the road dusts and reduce the road temperature.

● The irrigating function can spray water via shower nozzle to give consideration to both water output flow and irrigation area and is capable of one-sided and two-sided operations.

● The rear 360º rotatable water monitor can set as columnar or mist spray, with the longest range at >36m.

● The optional self-priming filling function, salt mixing function, dust-suppression spray function, and pesticide spraying function are available.

● The water tank is made from advanced forming technology, automatic continuous welding, and non-destructive penetrant inspection. The inner walls of the water tank are painted with professional anti-corrosive coating (coal-tar epoxy resin lacquer) to effective guard the metal surfaces against the corrosion of water medium, with the anti-corrosion duration up to 5 years.

● The rear work platform is made of light aluminum alloy and from special punched anti-slip process to effectively guard against ice, snow, water, and corrosion.

● The vehicle is painted with high-grade glossy finish coating and is fresh and bright in appearance, with the weather resistance duration >2 years and the anti-corrosion duration >5 years.

● The chassis is equipped with renowned brand engine of China-V emission compliance and is also equipped with heating and air conditioning system, power steering system, and ABS system to improve the driving comfort and safety.

● The whole vehicle is designed strictly as per the national standard to meet the national regulation, featuring barrier-free for license registration and exemption from vehicle purchase tax.

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