Multifunctional dust-suppression vehicle(Electric)

It’s applicable for the suppression of secondary raised dusts in urban streets, the dust-suppression spraying in the outdoor powder material (Including coal, sand, and stone) storage yards, construction sites, building reconstruction sites, and leveling sites, and the cleaning of advertising boards, the irrigation of road green belts, and pesticide spraying operation.

● High-capacity high-safety lithium iron power battery.

●  The strong power output realizes up to 90km/h maximum vehicle speed and ≥25% maximum gradeability.

● It's equipped with four-speed automatic transmission with automatic electro-hydraulic gearshift.

● It boasts the double leaderships in braking energy recovery and electric vehicle braking safety.

●  The advanced and complete high voltage power distribution system guarantees the high voltage safety and stable system of vehicle.

● Automatic cruise control and PTO functions.

● It integrates multiple functions, including middle flushing, front duckbilled flushing, rear sprinkling, left and right greening irrigation, and dust suppression functions.

● The integral intelligent instruments can real-time inquire and monitor the status of all working devices, including speed, voltage, current, temperature, featuring easy and simple operations and repairs.

● The constant speed driving range is in excess of 240km.

● The quick and trickle charging modes are provided. The quick charging time is 2h.


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